Planning a Development Project?

Count on our land development company in Georgetown, TN for expert assistance

Site planning is the first phase of any construction project. For this essential step, you'll want to rely on an experienced professional. Caldwell Design & Engineering is a dedicated land development company based in Georgetown, TN. Our owner will help you put a plan in place and get it approved so work can begin.

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Aiding you with any type of construction project

Whether you're investing in commercial property that you'd like to covert to housing or you're building a new suburban development, you can benefit from the services of our professionals. We offer:

  • Land development services
  • Redevelopment services
  • Rezoning services
When you hire us for land development services, we'll outline a plan for your property and present it to municipality or city officials for approval as an independent third party. If you're ready to get moving on a development project, contact us now.